Learning Resources

  • Andrew Loomis LINK 
  • George Bridgman "Constructive Anatomy" LINK
  • Michael Hampton "Figure Drawing: Design and Invention"LINK
  • Vilppu Anatomy LINK
  • Jack Hamm "Drawing the Head and Figure"LINK
  • Gary Fagan "The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression" LINK
Other Books:
  • Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting LINK
  • Framed Ink (Book on Composition)LINK
  • Vanishing Point (Book on Perspective)LINK
  • James Gurney's "Imaginative Realism"LINK
  • James Gurney's "Color and Light"LINK
  • The Art of Animal DrawingLINK
  • Robert Henri "The Art Spirit"LINK
  • Scott Robertson's "How to Draw" LINK
  • Nostromo keypad LINK
  • Intuos Tablets (If you are just starting out, I highly recommend searching for older, cheaper tablets on ebay.  I got a pre-owned Intuos 3 9x12 for $100 on ebay.)
  • Miniature head busts LINK
  • AnatomyTools LINK
Helpful Applications/Programs:
  • Configuring the Nostromo 
Daarken's Method
Alex Negrea's Method
  • Shaddy Safadi's Digital Painting LINK
  • Scott Robertson's Youtube channel LINK
  • Scott Robertson's Gnomon DVD series LINK
  • Proko LINK
  • QuickPoses Pose Generator LINK
  • Deviantart's Photography Section LINK
  • Google is your friend!

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